Welcome to the world of
Daniela Di Stefano
Capri Object, has been showing for over 25 years
the elegance of the documentations and interior furnishings.
A sophisticated and passionate search for rare porcelain, candelabra,
crystals, fabrics, candles, sculptures and exclusive perfumes that furnish
not only the showroom but also the apartments of the same company that
make guests an integral part of a single beauty project.
Our creations are the result of continuous research. Our objects, rigorously Made in Italy, are created by the hands of skilled craftsmen in the field of glass, ceramics, silver and precious materials.

Our mission

Founded in 1993, Capri Object was born from Daniela Di Stefano’s passion for the world of interior design.
The harmony of the house is the element that has always inspired the choice of collections.
The objects, the decorations, the table, the perfumes, the candles and the colors all together combine to create magical atmospheres with continuous references to the beauty of the island of Capri. Capri object is currently curated with passion

not only from Daniela but also from her daughter Giovanna who with her staff is dedicated to taking care of customers in mini details, from the choice of objects to the preparation of apartments and villas.
In addition, over time, preparations have also taken place in other European countries that have shaped the company’s experience, always projected towards innovation and the evolution of new materials.


Contact us, we will be happy to assist you in the preparation and realization of your dreams.